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How to get more blog views

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It’s still widely believed that the key to securing lots of blog views is to create high-quality content on a regular basis. Oh, if only life were so simple.

The truth is that the cream doesn’t always rise to the top. Uninspiring content can often gain more attention, just because it’s been published by an influencer or includes the right keywords.

But let’s not linger in the doldrums. Quality content will always win in the long run as it provides value and enables you to establish trust. A highly ranked blog with no context is only going to push your bounce rate through the roof and deter potential customers for good.

It’s just a case of focusing on the distribution and strategy side of the blog writing process. This is the real secret to success.

How many page views is good for a blog?

A good number of blog views depends on the type, focus and length of the content – as well as the amount of time you put into the blog.

An established influencer or brand often attract 150-300 page views every day. While a small business or agency might attract around 100-500 unique blog views per month.

As a rule of thumb, any less than 250 unique page views every month for all your blog content is a cause for concern.

Although it’s worth noting the importance of quality views over quantity. Remember, you could get 2,000 new people reading your blog every day, but it’s no good if none of them sticks around long enough to read other content, subscribe to your mailing list or make a purchase.

Growing your blog views is essential, but don’t let it consume you. The key is in the quality and the engagement. These are the factors that are going to provide a return on investment.

How many blog views to make money?

Even with 1,000 page views a month, you can earn money. It just won’t be very much. Realistically, you’re looking at around the £5 mark, with £1.50 from Google AdSense and £3.50 from linking to Amazon and becoming an affiliate.

These two channels will probably be your go-to options for making money with a low number of page views.

Hitting that 10,000 mark is when things start to heat up. By this point, you’ll know what works and you can start to build upon your existing audience. This is where the long-term gains of search engine optimisation (SEO) start to bear fruits.

By turning to an advertisement platform like Ezoic and continuing to be an affiliate with Amazon, you can potentially make around £250 a month.

Yet, in a niche market, you can also start to build an audience for sponsored content. For example, you can start hosting webinars, podcasts and white papers on your blog as a means of generating leads. This is where the real value comes in and riches can be earned.

Beyond the 10,000-blog view mark, the opportunities become endless.

For example, you may wish to set your sights on a premium advert network. These may include Mediavine or AdThrive. From such a source, you may expect to earn over £1,000 per month from 50,000 monthly page views. Not bad at all!

Also, when you reach a consistent audience of this size, it’s safe to ease off the gas pedal on your growth strategy and start to optimise your affiliate income. It may take practice and time to achieve the right results, but when you do, the results can be oh-so impressive.

How to get more people to view your blog

Now for the business end – writing brilliant blog content that attracts the right audience.

Creating superstar content and distributing it effectively is essential. Yet, the lock can be challenging to open. There will no doubt be many failed attempts to break through along the way.

Nevertheless, these six top tips and tricks can help loosen the latch and expose your business to thousands of engaged subscribers.

  1. Update and improve old content

There’s a lot of potential for growth within your existing content, especially your top-performing pages.

First things first, use Google Analytics to highlight your top 10 performing blog posts.

Then, work your way through them. Update the information, sprinkle in some multimedia and add in new sections to meet other keywords that may be relevant.

Related keywords and long-tail keywords can allow you to add further depth to engaging blog content and send it soaring up search engine result pages (SERPs).

Perhaps one of your highest performing blogs wasn’t optimised. It’s just a matter of optimising the content to ensure more people like this can find it on Google and Bing.

Finally, update the publishing date to tell Google that this content is fresh. This neat trick will keep your blog relevant within the search engine’s algorithms.

  1. Establish an email newsletter

With all the latest wonderful social media innovations, few come close to achieving the results of a simple email in re-engaging an enthusiastic audience.

As an example, Vanity Fair’s newsletter readers consume 2x more content than any other audience segment. The impressive figure largely comes down to the magazine’s use of personalisation. Many email marketing technologies like Campaign Monitor now offer personalised outreach for an affordable price.

To build an engaged email list, you need a lead gen campaign. Take a look at your existing content and see what topics your audience is interested in. Perhaps you can turn this into a piece of gated content, where people need to enter their contact details to access it.

Alternatively, an exclusive webinar or podcast are ideal ways to build your social following and encourage people to hand over their precious email address.

  1. Write guest posts on popular blogs

Sometimes you need to give to receive.

You can generate lots of traffic by writing guest posts on popular blog pages and including backlinks. The host website will usually allow you to link back to your blog in the author bio at the bottom of the page. Just make sure you give the new audience an incentive or reason to click through.

This could be anything from an exciting report and checklist to an infographic that relates to a blog post on your website. Work this in, include a clever backlink and signpost its value to the reader.

As opposed to a trickle of semi-interested readers then clicking-through, you open up a stream of engaged and open-minded visitors to your blog.

  1. Leave helpful comments on other blogs

Take a look at popular pages on other blogs that match up well with your content. Then, engage with the comments section, leaving positive, insightful remarks.

The benefit of doing so is that you crop up on the radar of readers who also value the topic and position yourself as an expert in front of a larger audience.

Not only can this open up guest posting opportunities or podcast appearances, but it’ll also help you build subtle references to your blog to generate natural interest and awareness.

  1. Utilise social channels

Make it easy for people to find the social media channels you use to promote new content. If readers become followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, they can be easily reminded to return to your blog page.

Part of knowing how to increase blog views is to create an aligned content marketing strategy. When you publish a new piece of content, you shouldn’t just rely on one channel to generate views.

Think about how you link social media up with other content marketing channels. For instance, you could include social links within an automated thank you email whenever someone signs up for your email newsletter. As time goes on, your social following will consist of an engaged email audience and you’ll double the chances of your blog being seen.

Finally, when it comes to social media, don’t overlook LinkedIn. This channel is the place to be for all business professionals with its popularity snowballing.

So, after a little work building your personal brand on LinkedIn, republish old blog posts that are gathering dust, breathe new life into them and publish them as LinkedIn articles.

These blogs can establish your position as a thought leader amongst a new audience. And if you have a spare five minutes, you can increase blog views further by sharing the link with prospects via InMail or in popular community groups.

  1. Supercharge your SEO game

SEO is your vessel to write great content and expose it to a wider audience. Yes, it may take time to garner results. But if you can understand what your audience wants and find a content sweet spot, you’ll attract thousands of new visitors to your site every month.

While SEO in the past has garnered a negative reputation for keyword stuffing, things are changing. Nowadays, Google tries to reward valuable blog content with keywords seamlessly weaved in.

To improve the longevity of your blog content, think about making it evergreen. In other words, remove any time-sensitive/topical references and focus on search terms your target audience is always craving. A good place to start is to gain a better understanding of the basic principles of SEO.

Build your blog views and secure money-making results

We’ve painted quite the picture of how your blog can generate incredible income, even tracing out some vital steps for reaching such supreme aspirations.

Yet, if you’d like a firm content marketing strategy that’ll really throw the cat amongst the pigeons, you’ve come to the right place.

To discover how Flamingo Marketing Strategies can help you elevate your blogging game and marketing strategy, head to our services page or get in touch.


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Flamingo Marketing Strategies Ltd is a marketing agency in Leamington Spa. We work with small to medium-sized businesses, creating bespoke marketing ideas for B2B and B2C.


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