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November 2019

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The busiest month is upon us before December comes along… what’s on your to-do list this month?

The final stretch of the year leading up to Christmas allows you to re-align with the goals you set at the start of the year and start planning your business strategy for 2020.

It’s the month that all those business goals you set yourself at the start of the year, come back to haunt you as you realise the time is nearly up!

Being a new business owner (June 2019), I set myself 5 business goals from July-December 2019 and I’m super pleased with myself that I’ve managed to achieve every single one.

I got my website written and live within 6 weeks, I have kept on top of my own marketing and blogging, I got my business into profit within 2 months of setting up, I reached my target number of clients even earlier than planned and most importantly, I’ve been happy every single day and managed to still have somewhat of a work life balance, and enjoy time spent with loved ones.

Business goals are SO important – especially if you want to grow and achieve great things year on year. If you don’t have a business strategy (or the start of one) for 2020, now is the time to put it on your list.

This month, I want to share with you a blog, a vlog and a superb November offer!


5 valuable lessons from Piers Linney

Marketing help for small businesses Birmingham

Piers Linney (Dragon’s Den) recently shared his 5 keys to success when growing or scaling a business.

As I was listening to him speak, I started to jot a few notes down that might help me going forward.

But then I thought to myself, I’d really love to share his 5 lessons with my readers too – so if you head to this blog, you can see Piers Linney’s lessons, all accompanied with video links where you can watch them for yourself.

You’re welcome 😉

What does great customer service look like?

3 places, 3 experiences, 3 examples to share in my very first VLOG.

I’ve had some incredible feedback on my blogs so far, but I’ve never been brave enough (nor had the time) to do a Vlog.

The truth is, my blogs tend to get written on flights, at the nail salon, at the hairdressers, and in bed before I drop off to sleep – so as you can see, hardly the places to whip out my iphone and start filming myself.

However, this month I had a pamper Saturday and as I was ‘pampering’, I realised I’d stumbled across some great blog content all around customer service. So rather than writing it… I decided to bullet the information down and put it on video.

The truth is, when we say ‘we are far too busy’, it’s utter rubbish.

If you REALLY want to do it, and you can see why there might be value. You will find the time and get it done. I hope you enjoy my very first Vlog, I don’t enjoy my additional chins – but, I have decided to send it out anyway!

Let’s hope it’s true what they say about camera’s adding 10lbs, otherwise my next Vlog will be filmed at the gym and that won’t be a pretty sight!

Here’s the link.

Do you need a Logo?

FLAMAZING Special Offer for November

For the month of November I am offering to rebrand or completely design from scratch, a logo for your business for just £100+vat.

This comes with a promise that your finished logo will be with you within 7 working days.

This will involve helping with the creative concept behind the logo and getting it designed with 5 options to choose from, all part of the service!

This is not something I usually offer but after seeing such success with a logo for a client, I thought I’d offer my services for anyone else who needs the help! 🦩

I can only offer this to 5 businesses, so if you’re interested – drop me a message to book yours in 📲🎨👩🏼‍💻 email with a brief explaination of what you need and I’ll make it happen for you!

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Have a great month ahead!


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